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Gear Oil Cafe grand opening

Need for speed!

You might remember Gear Oil Cafe in our early days, maybe it was at a car meet, a photo shoot, or even our local "Driving Caffeinated" YouTube series.

Wherever it was, you probably know us to be heavily invested in the local car scene. 


Although 2018 was some time ago now, we still remain true to our roots. With a continued supply of fresh car content on our social platforms and new adventures daily.


Man did COVID change everything!

But like anything, you have to learn to be fluid and bend with the times. Diecast collectables were always a passion of ours deep down. When 2021 presented an opportunity to bring Alberta Canada the coolest selection of Hotwheels they had ever seen, we were totally on board!


Fast forward to October 2022, we were presented an opportunity to expand operations to Singapore, and just like that our family became international! After about six months, we set up a shop and home base at Fook Hai, in the Chinatown/CBD central, where we stand today serving our Singapore and international customers.

Thank you ALL so much for your continued support!

Jon & Zan - Gear Oil Cafe Founders

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